SoberWorx App UK & USA

Welcome to the SoberWorx App, please watch, download and share so we can help as many people as possible including families and loved ones suffering from addiction, isolation, stigma and shame.
SoberWorx invite you to join us in delivering actual resources with bed/appointment availability for addicts and families so that they may find what they need without hours of endless searching,

The founders of SoberWorx have been through addiction personally. Those experiences led them to design a website for families and others trying to help a loved one with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. We understand how devastating addiction is and how it tears families apart. Giving parents the ability to find help quickly and efficiently is essential in their capacity to help.

Having SoberWorx’s FREE App available for families and others gives them great recovery resources with one click of a button. SoberWorx gives you three of the most vital recovery resources needed to help; Treatment Centers, Addiction Counseling, and Sober Living Homes.

SoberWorx prides itself on integrity and honesty; there are no 1-800 numbers or redirects anywhere on our site!

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